Amete Sculpture

Here is a  new sculpture piece I made for the Crimes on Canvas 2017 exhibition curated by @mmoderngallery. This exhibit is on view at the Life Is Beautiful music and art festival,  September 22nd – 24th at the Western Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas.
 ‘Amete’ 22” h x 4″ w
resin, steel, acrylic. UV varnished. 1/1
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For this sculpture,  I made a resin casted armature for the base – which comprises of resin and steel composite. I wanted the base of this piece to be strong and re casted for future tall sculptures. Then I formed all of the additional details of the upper part of the sculpture with Magic Sculpt resin. After the piece fully cured,  I wire brushed the surface and primed it as I would a painting. Then I painted the entire piece with acrylic & UV matte varnish.